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A good logo is an extension of your businesses identity. 

A successful brand can be seen in everything, from customer service to the actual products that your company may offer. 

When creating your brand remember your specific target audience,  such as which age group is your product or service aimed at? Is it gender specific?  Is it aimed at low, middle or high income groups?

Your brand identity should reflect the nature of your business and what makes it unique.

Remember, your  brand does not have to be boring.  With the correct combination of design, fonts and colours you can have brand that stands the test of time.


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What are RGB colours?

Red, Green and Blue are what we see in everyday life. Your monitor displays in RGB colour space.

RGB is used in web and digital designs.


What are CMYK colours?

CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. These are also known as process colours.

CMYK is used in all litho print jobs and digital print jobs.


What are Pantone colours?

Pantone colours are not a mixture of CMYK colours but rather a spot colour which provides more of a consistancy when running a print job. Example's of spot colours inclue Reflex Blue and Red 032, even metallic colours such as silver and gold are spot colours.


Can I supply my own artwork for print jobs?

Yes, but please note, we will require the following when supplying us with your own artwork.

•    We will not accept Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher, etc. We will have to re-originate your         artwork into the correct format at an additional cost.

•    Please can you supply us with a hi-res jpeg (min 300dpi) or a hi-res PDF file.

•    Please make sure that everything is in CMYK for full colour jobs or Pantone colours for single

      colour jobs.

•    Please make sure that all your fonts are converted to curves.

•    Please make sure that your artwork is done to size and we will require an additional 2,5mm         bleed all round.

•    Don't forget to add tick and registration marks.

•    While every effort is made to check your artwork before going to print, we connot take                 responsibility for artwork supplied with incorrect colours, spelling errors, ommissions, etc.